President Lyndon B. Johnson 's Presidential Election Essay

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1972 was an election that Republicans, at the time, likely cherished due to the recent 1964 election. 8 years ago Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson had won the most lopsided presidential election in history in the popular vote, with his opponent being a Republican candidate who was a far right wing conservative. Barry Goldwater alienated much of his own party with his staunch conservatism, especially in fiscal policy. So great a defeat it was for Republicans that it caused many to question the validity of the two party system. The 1968 election disproved that in a mere four years when former vice president and Republican Richard Nixon defeated Democratic nominee Hubert Humphrey. However it was the 1972 election that fully swung the pendulum back into the Republican camp. The 1972 Presidential election was greatly significant in American history due to it being one of the largest Republican landslide victories in history and because of the watergate scandal that resulted in Nixon being the first and only president ever to resign from office. Richard Nixon was born on January 9th, 1913, in southern California. Unlike many presidential candidates who falsely glorify their upbringing as working class, Nixon’s family was indeed poor. He attended Whittier College for undergraduate, and then Duke Law school on a full scholarship. He began his career as a small time lawyer, then moved on to the Navy. Finally, he settled on politics when he won a seat in the House of Representatives in…

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