President John F. Kennedy Essay

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President John. F. Kennedy at this time was going to Europe to visit five Western European nations with his intension to spread good will and build American allies, Germany was his first stop. It was just a couple decades ago that the nation of Germany was trying to conquer the world in WWII with Adolf Hitler leading this mission. After Germany surrendered, Berlin was split into two nation, there was West and East Berlin. John F. Kennedy delivered his speech in West Germany, West Germany are allies with the United States at this. However, East Berlin was Communist territory, and for JFK to give this speech in such a hostile region outlines his support to West Germany. Right not JFK has been the President for roughly two and a half years and has been dealing with the Cold War and currently the Cuban Missile Crisis. This is a stressful time that JFK is going through and also a dangerous time as nuclear war is a possibility. JFK’s purpose in visiting West Germany is to build support for America and the idea of democracy “the free world” as the correct system. He uses Berlin as a model of how democracy is the better system, since there is both the Democracy Berlin (West Berlin) and the Communist Berlin (East Berlin) and how there are big differences between these two Berlins. His goal is for Berlin and the country to become united again as one nation, under their freedom and not of Communist control.
There are four factors of public speaking in this speech is JFK,…

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