President Franklin Roosevelt 's Foreign Policy Essay

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President Franklin Roosevelt’s foreign policy was influenced in 1937-1941 by America’s ability to improve their economy by trade, increase national security by increasing America’s military and navy strength,, and demonstrate his democratic values by becoming very involved and prepared before entering the war against Germany and Japan. Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) was able to take America out of the Great Depression in the early 1930’s through his liberal, hands on methods; and as a result he had full trust of the American people during the lead up to World War II (WWII). After Fascist dictators such as Hitler (Germany) and Mussolini (Italy) started to break all of the deals that the world had come to in the Treaty of Versailles and other agreements, FDR realized that --despite the opinion of the public-- America would have to get involved in some way or another to assure their safety. Though he did not outright announce his intentions, he ran a pretty busy show backstage and made sure that America would be prepared to defend themselves and the Allies if necessary. FDR was consistent on trying to convince the Americans that involving themselves in the war would help them rather than hurt them. When the Americans did not quite respond the way he had hoped, FDR passed acts such as the Cash and Carry Act, the Selective Service Act, and the Lend-Lease Act (to only Allied powers) which prepared both America and the British for war. Eventually FDR would provoke war against Japan and…

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