Presentation And Significance Of Jane 's Relationship With Helen Burns?

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Discuss the presentation and significance of Jane’s relationship with Helen burns?
Jane and Helen both have opposing personalities yet are best friends. Jane’s relationship with Helen is very significant as it shapes Jane to be a better person. After the death of Helen she carries and remembers her teachings in the earlier and later stages of her life.
Helen is a student at Lowood School, and becomes Jane’s best friend. There first interaction was when Jane was punished for dropping her slate and was dammed an “Evil” child .Jane’s punishment was to stand on a stool, Helen sneaks her food in the palms of her hand and is described by Jane as an “angel”. Helen has a mature outlook on life and tries to reflect this over to Jane when she is distraught that Mr Brocklehurst has announced to the girls that Jane is a liar. Helen explains to Jane that the “World contains millions” and that she is not despised. Before Lowood Jane is at Gateshead and experiences cruel acts committed by Mrs Reed and her son, this foreshadows the problems that she will face at Lowood. Jane would have wanted revenge on her unpleasant aunt and cousin before she met Helen, however after meeting Helen she learns to forgive.
Helen also teaches Jane about morals and ethics. Jane has been treated unfairly by her aunt Mrs Reed and now at Lowood School. She has accumulated all this anger and Helen teachers her to accept life at Lowood. Helen 's behavior is also very significant throughout the novel; she has a…

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