Prescription Medicines And The Counter Drugs Essay

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Even in today’s modern world, medication errors in healthcare are alarmingly common. In the United States alone, an estimated four out of every five adults will use prescription medicines or over the counter drugs. One third of adults will use five or more different medications. 1 Medications given are normally beneficial to the recipient, resulting in improvements in health. However, these benefits also come with increased risks that can be detrimental as seen in adverse drug events. Adverse drug events or ADEs are injuries resulting from medical intervention related to a drug, including overdoses, allergic reactions, and adverse drug reactions. ADEs affect approximately 5 % of hospitalized patients and higher rates in ambulatory patients. ADEs do not necessarily designate poor quality care or errors. 2 Medication error is defined as an error at any stage beginning when a clinician prescribes a medication and ends when the patients receive it. 2 Medication errors that cause any degree of harms are termed preventable adverse drug events or PAEs. Almost of half of ADEs are preventable. Medication errors that do not cause harm, due to early detection or by pure luck, are called potential ADEs or PADEs. Approximately 1.5 million Americans each year are harmed by medication errors. More than 7,000 people die each year from medication errors. 8An estimated 51.5 million medication errors occur during the filing of 3 billion prescriptions. As well as affecting the…

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