Prejudice By Gordon Allport 's ' The Nature Of Prejudice ' Essay

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Prejudice is negative thoughts towards a social group member or members that someone belongs to. In 2005 Christian S. Crandall and Ruth H. Warner in their article ‘How a Prejudice is Recognized‘ defines prejudice in modern day. They state, “...rational thought, reasonableness, and deviation from some normative values form the notion prejudice.” In the article Crandall and Warner rely on Gordon Allport’s, ‘The Nature of Prejudice’ to come up with their research. They look at the must haves to be prejudice. Allport believed that prejudice must be an unalterable, inaccurate, and overgeneralized belief about a group of people that is linked with negative affect. Crandall and Warner suggest that prejudice is, “a negative evaluation of a social group or a negative evaluation of an individual that is significantly based on the individual group membership.” Crandall and Warner’s article is so important because it touches on which prejudices are seen as valid when there are so many in our society.
Prejudice typically occurs and is strongest against the out group. Common out groups are Blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, and Muslims. So where does prejudice come from? Prejudicial thoughts come from observations and stereotypes people pick up from our environment and the media. For example, Arlene comes from a Christian family and community, and she has never met a Muslim person in her life. The only things that she knows about Muslim people are from what she sees on…

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