Power vs. Happiness (Eassay on Hamlet, the Play) Essay

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People who long for power are those who do not have power, not even the ability to control and manage themselves, but they all have one belief and one goal: the goal to become greater than others. They believe that becoming powerful will give them control not only over their own lives but of others below them, and along with such power, happiness will result. Absolute control is absolute power which no one in the world can succeed. The more demand for control and power, the further one will be from happiness and true power. Claudius, William Shakespeare’s antagonist in “Hamlet (the play)”, clearly models the person whose power-hungry mind act unreasonably to gain control and power, thinking happiness will come along, but in the end only …show more content…
His meaningful repentance conveys that he is facing sorrow and disappointment at this stage; but no delight.

Afterwards, Claudius starts to suspect that Hamlet knows about the death of his father to some great extent, and it is very distressful to him. When he sees Hamlet is depressed, Claudius talks to him and gives comforting advices, “Tis sweet and commendable in your nature, Hamlet,…immediate to our throne…going back to school in Wittenberg…” (I.ii.89). “There’s letters seal’d, and my two schoolfellows, whom I may trust,…” (III.iv.206). He even finds two of Hamlet’s good classmates to be around him during this madness and depression times. But what are Claudius’ true motivations for all of these? Behind all is Claudius’ shrewd plan to figure out how much of what Hamlet knows and the reason he sends out Hamlet’s friends is also to see what Hamlet gets to say to his close friends, while giving false impression that he is caring about Hamlet. Claudius thinks if he shows sympathy and does good deeds, Hamlet might change his views and attitude towards him and he will be able to control and manipulate Hamlet. He believes if lucky, he will be able to distract Hamlet from thinking about his father’s death and even have him as a backer for his reign. Here abusing his power to gain freedom from his dark past, he forces

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