Essay on Poverty : The Problem Of Poverty

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The issue of poverty in African has created a global concern, with many countries in African being a victim of poverty. The state of poverty in most countries has been viewed as a multi-dimension that has been linked to various factors such as income level, consumption rate, socio-economic position, and political indicators. Its effect has been attributed to instability within a country and increase of mortality rate. In a close look at Ethiopia, a lot can be concluded from the issue of poverty. Furthermore, Ethiopia has been ranked among the most affected countries in Africa with high poverty level for the past ten years (Bogale, Hagerdorn, and Korf 103).
In the opinion of Enquobahrie (6), the issue of poverty in Ethiopia to reflect factors like destitution of properties, the vulnerability of human development, and the overall economic trend of the country. Despite the country’s potential in agricultural production, still nearly forty percent of the country is entrenched in poverty (Bogale, Hagerdorn, and Korf 107). The economic gap between the wealthy or rich as well as the poor in the country signify a huge difference in the social class with a huge percentage of the population living under the poverty margin. Bogale, Hagerdorn, and Korf (110) support this by indicating that the average poverty gap in Ethiopia to 0.0047. Their study further identifies that rural poverty is the most effect in Ethiopia holding most of the poorest families in the country. Nevertheless, the…

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