Poverty Of The United States Essay

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Dehan and Deal (2001) stated that poverty in the United States is conceptualized as an urban minority problem. In general, poverty has countless factors; only some components of those factors are directly associated with a lack of physical capital, infrastructure, or other economic resources (Chakravarti, 2006). Today’s expansion of poverty is not the sum of unfortunate circumstances, but conditions that interact and reinforce in nature (World Bank, 2001). In 2001, the World Bank forecasted broader conceptualizations of poverty that include psychological constructs covering the experiential realities of the poor in the new millennium. Children of immigrants face considerable academic challenges in language and culture compared to their American counterparts; despite the fact that immigrant parents care profoundly about their children’s education, wellbeing, and future (González et al., 2005; Olmedo, 2003; Valdés, 1996; Vleminckx and Smeeding 2001). Education stimulates voice, enhances communication, and imparts a sense of empowerment and self-determination essential to the ground-level success of poverty amelioration efforts. Chakravarti (2006) discussed how it is important to recognize the extent to which poverty shrinks people’s capability, and how inequality and exploitation survive by praying on the deprived. As Chakravarti (2006) stated, the poor’s mental state and behavior are the result of a rational system that adapts to its ecological setting and deliberatively…

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