Poverty Of The Foreign Aid Budget Essay

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In 2014, 8.4 billion dollars of the foreign aid budget went directly to healthcare programs in developing countries. Of that, $6 billion went to provide treatment for and stop the spreading of HIV/Aids. UNAIDS estimates that worldwide there are 33.4 million people living with HIV, 2.7 million new infections of aids each year, and 2 million deaths from AIDS each year. (UNAIDS.org). Of those, “7 out of 10 deaths for 2008 were in Sub-Saharan Africa, a region that also has over two-thirds of adult HIV cases and over 90% of new HIV infections amongst children” (UNAIDS.org). Americas aid can stop HIV/Aids and other diseases from spreading. It is working, “over the past two years… [there has been] an eight percent reduction in mortality for children under five years old in our 24 priority countries, saving 500,000 lives” (Unicef). Of the remaining 2.4 billion health care aid dollars for 2014, $530 million went to Maternal and Child Health, $470 million to malaria and $66 million went to Pandemic Influenza and other emerging threats (Rutsch). About 574 million more went to nutritional programs, that provided nutrition education, particularly for pregnant and breast-feeding woman and their infants, “fortified or bio-fortified staple foods, specialized food products, and community gardens to improve consumption of quality food; and delivery of nutrition services” (Sachs 2012). More than $337 million (Foreignassiantance.gov), went to Water Supply and Sanitation, making a small…

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