Poverty Of African Women And Children Of Africa Essay

1240 Words Nov 18th, 2014 null Page
The narrow definition of poverty is having an income that is less than what is socially acceptable to maintain an expected standard of living. This definition fails to include aspects other than monetary poverty. Qualities such as "experiences of social exclusion and vulnerability, the denial of human rights, right to health care, lack of empowerment, opportunity, capacity and security" (Sicchia, 2006) define a much more broader term that set poverty as a lifestyle with minimal escape. This expanded definition of poverty is commonly found in the global south. Those that are most vulnerable to poverty are the women and children of Africa. By examining poverty from the perspective of African women and Nigerian youth, the conclusion that those living in poverty are unable to make changes that will correct their situation is easily reached. Corruption, lacking government policies and foreign influence have created an inescapable lifestyle with many believing globalization to be the solution. Globalization "refers to the emerging world economic order, characterized by multilateral free trade" (Green, 1996). International programs such as the Millennium Development Goals have attempted to solve many issues and promote globalization policies. However Globalization will not solve poverty in the global south until there is substantial change in the political structure of poverty stricken states. Poverty can be viewed as a global issue as 40% of the global population, roughly 2.8…

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