Essay on Poverty, Money, And Poverty

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Anybody can be rich in poverty, money isn’t needed to be rich. A person might be rich in poverty if he has his family, a life fulfilled with happiness that does not require material things and also the people with less give the most. Wealth is not measured in the amount of material things but in the quality of the life one lives. Anybody can still live a life without the need of money. Poverty doesn’t determine what kind of life we will have. For example, money isn’t needed to have a family. A family is priceless and will always be there when things get tough. Money is an object that is blown out of proportion. Money is used to buy material things such as necessities. Anybody can live without material items. Nobody needs money to have a family. Families are such a fascinating things because, a family will always be their for each other. Families stay with each other through thick and thin such as “The Great Depression” era. Anybody in this world isn’t required to pay money for a family. During “The Great Depression”, people struggled to make end meets. Many citizens were labeled as poor and not many people were labeled as “rich”. However, people living in poverty would call themselves “rich” because they have family with them. No matter how bad the conditions get, everybody always has a family and that is the richest feeling in the world. In “The Gift of The Magi” Della and Jim both realized gifts, such as or like a family are “too nice to use just as present. The quote…

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