Poverty And Its Effects On Society Essay

1121 Words Mar 6th, 2016 null Page
The official poverty rate in 2014 was 14.8 percent, meaning 46.7 million people were living in poverty (U.S. Census Bureau). Poverty today affects us all and because we live in such an imperfect world, we as a society will never be equal. Poverty is such a detrimental concern in our society and those living in poverty lack so many of the essentials that many take for granted. America is widely known for being home of the brave and free where everyone is deserving of human rights. However, the question remains as to why so many populations worldwide are suffering from shortages in food and clean drinking water, healthcare, education, and housing. Studies have shown that poverty is not simply caused by individuals refusing to work or apply themselves, but other factors such as political instability and the economic crisis, which has had a global effect. Poverty continues to remain one of the most critical issues for our country and without the joint effort of our citizens and the government developing practical solutions, it will continue to be a problem. The United Nations has identified child poverty as a human rights issue (McKinney, 2014). Child poverty has been defined as children living in poverty who are deprived of nutrition, water and sanitation facilities, children who live in poverty also don’t have access to basic health-care services, shelter, education, and protection. And while the lack of goods and services is harmful to all human…

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