Poverty And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Imagine not knowing where your next meal will come from while your stomach aches , you attempt to quench your tremendous thirst with water if you have any, that will undoubtably make you sick when you do not have access to medical care. This is the plight of the impoverished individual. 1.3 billion humans must go through this every single day of their lives when the next is not promised (Shah). Poverty is one of the great problems that faced every major human civilization . Poverty continues to grow despite huge amounts of aid but it is solvable but must be an endeavor taken on by all of society.

Poverty impacts every culture in different ways and forms. One of the biggest struggles is identifying what areas are in need of support. Facing this problem the United Nations have taken it upon themselves to develop criteria to identify those in poverty. They do this by dividing locations into categories such as : no deprivation , mild , moderate , serve and extreme deprivation. All this classification is based on the average standard of living in that area. The U.N looks if there is a significant lack of food, water, health care and education to make a decision. To be have a lack of food an area must have an average body mass index of below 16% or 18.5% (Gordon). This number is extremely surprising when you look at the fact that the average american male has a BMI of 28.6% (McCoy). Also to be considered in extreme poverty you must not have any clean water sources within a…

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