Human Trafficking In Nicaragua

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Human trafficking is the second largest crime according to the IOM (International Organization for Migration). There are two different types of human trafficking, trafficking for forced labor and trafficking in women for sexual exploitation. Both can include children as well. Throughout my paper however, I will only be addressing the abuse upon women and how they are seen as an easy target due to their inordinately affected by poverty and discrimination. Poverty and discrimination are both factors which lead to women not having access to certain employment, educational opportunities, and many other resources that would give them further knowledge. Nicaragua was described by the 2013 US state department of trafficking report as a “transit …show more content…
These institutions are working to serve one purpose, to stop violent acts with efforts in fighting human trafficking. Casa Alianza is one movement which raises awareness about human trafficking. They set up two workshops each included speeches from exports, knowledge on improving investigations, and successful ways of protecting a victim. Their purpose, however, does not seem to be on the same page as their actions. They seem to be falling short of protecting at-risk women, not serving justice to traffickers and exploiters, and proper reintegration measures to women who have been bound to a life within trafficking. It all starts within the law enforcement itself. Many of the reviews and articles I have read claims thats many police/patrol, prosecutors, and judges don 't obtain the proper knowledge of the issues felt within trafficking. When faced with a situation, they either attack the victim in asking why she “chose” this path or don 't successfully supply the proper help to them. It is important to teach the management skills and strengthen mechanisms for helping any victim. There is also a lack of adequate equipment and technological support in order to control and maintain human trafficking. I recommend that Nicaragua increase star and funding. This in turn could allow for officials to continue to investigate and prosecute all forms of human trafficking. The last important step in fully attempting to try and maintain human trafficking is to raise awareness and supply the sufficient information needed through campaigns in order to the notify the public. Nicaragua is still continuing to improve its policies on trafficking. For the first time in 2012, Nicaragua raises awareness and strengthens its legislation towards human trafficking. By increasing the

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