Postmodernity In Dubai Essay

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Postmodernity is generally describes the economic, social and cultural condition of society which is said to occur after modernity. Postmodernity also called as late modernity (Giddens 1991), reflexive modernity (Beck et al 2003) or late capitalism (Harvey 1992). The era of postmodernity began in the late 20th century as many theorists had come out with their own taught and perception in explaining the ideas of postmodernism. Moreover, the theorists also link the idea of postmodernity with some cities in the world such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Gold Coast and Dubai. Thus, this essay will discuss the ideas of postmodernity that can be recognizes in Dubai city. This essay will include the background information of Dubai, the general theories …show more content…
Postmodern architecture began in the late 1970 and continues to influence current architecture. Postmodernity in architecture is claimed to be foreshadowed by the appearance of "wit, ornament and reference" to architecture due to the formalism of the International Style of modernism. Other than that, postmodernism is also concerned on the idea of contextualism in the beginning of 20th century. Rowe and Koetter believed that postmodern architecture are often addressed the context in term of materials, forms and details of the building around it-cultural context. For example, most of the buildings and attractions in Dubai are being built with unique architecture and design such as Burj Khalifa. Dubai is also well known with other various megaproject such as Palm Islands which consist of luxury hotels, marinas, water theme park, residential villas and apartments (Junemo 2004). Apart from that, other feature of postmodernity that can be highlighted from Dubai’s land use development or architecture is ‘identity conflict’. Dubai lacked of heritage resources and institutions reflecting its history, ethnicity and tradition which lead to societal repercussions (Elsheshtawy 2010). Govers & Go (2005) concluded that Dubai’s image as a tourism destination did not coherently reflect its true cultural identity. Thus this also showed a distinctive characteristic of postmodernity in Dubai city as it lacks of urban history as well as local

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