Postmodernism : An Emerging Movement Of Art Postmodernism Essay

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In the 21st century there was an emerging movement of art Postmodernism (Palmer 2014). Postmodernism was derived from its predecessor modernism (Palmer 2014). Palmer (2014) stated that postmodernism has too many complex ideologies and cannot be defined. Nevertheless, there was a claim by Nicolas Bourriaud that postmodernism has ended and divided to post-postmodernism (Altermodern 2009). The following essay will contrast against Bourriaud’s claim. It will provide brief historical characteristics of postmodernism and also give inside contextualisation of Bourriaud’s overview theory on Altermodernism. Furthermore, the essay enhances the argument using the post-posmodernism thesis and integrating the investigations on visual artefact, Propaganda by Eolo Perfido. Neo baroque on this essay is also very significant because it complements the theories behind the visual artefact style provided for articulation.
Postmodernism was derived from the movement modernism (Palmer 2014). Basically Palmer (2014) states that, the direct translation of ‘post’ on postmodernism is ‘after’, that is, after modernism. Postmodernism can be viewed as a culture full of fragmentations of its predecessor with new notions (Palmer 2014). Postmodernism cannot be easily defined due to many concepts it obtained from different cultures and analytical movements since the 1970s (Palmer 2014). Figure 1, is a contemporary digital…

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