Postmodern Architecture Essay

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The pre-modern era was one in which religion was the major source for fact and reality. God’s existence and experiences were widely accepted in pre-modern cultures. In modern era, science prevailed as the source of truth and reality during birth of modernism in 1871 to 1970. Which brings us to the question, what does it mean for something to be "modern"? "Post-modern"? Post-modern means the expansion of the foundation that modernism paved in art, science, technology, religion, and architecture. The term postmodernism has been applied to a multitude of engagements such as art, music, technology, science, religion, and architecture that originated in the modernism era. Perhaps the easiest way to start thinking about postmodernism is by thinking …show more content…
Postmodern architecture was a response to Modernism and a return to decoration, and previous architectural traditions. The architects turned toward the past, repeating previous aspects of various buildings and combining them together to create new designs. Architects experimented with different forms and built with new materials. An example was a glass box which was the centerpiece of the late modernism design. This was a new way of thinking about buildings. The transition from a monument timeless structure to a building that one piece of a historic urban landscape. Postmodern architecture evolved from the modern era, yet contradicts many of the modernist ideas. Combining new ideas with traditional forms, postmodernist buildings may startle, surprise, and even amuse. Familiar shapes and details are used in unexpected ways. Buildings may incorporate symbols to make a statement or simply to delight the viewer. Robert Venturi was the head of the postmodern theme. His books opened reader’s eye to different view of building. The key ideas of Postmodernism are set forth in two important books by Robert Venturi: Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture and Learning from Las Vegas. American Robert Venturi was fascinated by mass culture. Robert Venturi stresses the importance of the building communicating a meaning to the public, a value shared by many of postmodernists. He was encouraged by the architecture in the Las …show more content…
The modern era was the era of the wealthy man. The wealthy man was normally an individual with a boundless mind, extra time and money. These men were the first of their kind; inventing things and thinking ways no other person had thought of. The inventions and the thinking of these men began a foundation for other developers to grow upon. The post-modern world had many more inventors and thinkers advantageous of technology started to appear and build upon each other’s ideas. Technology was almost always about the individual during the modern era because inventor or scientist worked alone. Since most of the inventing was being done in the personal work area of the wealthy man there was no growth beyond the mind of that person while in the post-modern era more and more scientists worked in group thinking. Technology in post-modernism has also benefited from some of the inventions in modern era. The improvement in machine technology has had a great impact on public and private life. One of the inventions was the single integrated circuit which made it possible to reduce the size of machines and also made computers much smaller. Communication satellites started an inter-link global culture which now made it possible for people to watch televised events. Computers and the internet took a step forward in making quantities of data available. This made

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