Post Place Communities Essay

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According to Bradshaw, a community is a never-ending story of change and loss due to the modernization of societies. To further reiterate on this idea he explains a community is defined as people being able to share residential areas, such as a city, a town, and/or a neighborhood; however, in today’s society solidarity is more common where people no longer have the need to be tied down to one single place as they once did historically. Therefore, Bradshaw explains through his work how the dimensions of community, within the context of Gemeinshaft, Gesellschaft, and Post Place Community, all affect the transformation of a community. In 1887, the study of the community in sociology came to life with the publication of Fedinand Tönnies’s book, …show more content…
Post-place communities are virtual as well as global that involves many communities and is considered to be fluid and very transformative. I am often online at home or on the go and have access to post-place communities through social media, such as a national community I am involved in that supports women going outside the gender norm with cars and car related events and how they are not just a man’s hobby. Through my work I am also involved in a post-place community because as a Credit Union we must always be in contact with one another, so we use email to communicate with one another, it is a network environment. The same can be said about my college experience since it is also a networking environment through On Demand classes I take, through emails sent back and forth to professors, and the concept of Blackboard and turning in my assignments to be graded. Therefore, from these post-place communities there are issues with social relations, such as there is often weak ties among the people I try to communicate with because it is very interpersonal and structured through a networking system. Because of interaction among people mainly being electronic, there is often little to any face-to-face communication and relationships I make are normally network and social media

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