Essay on Ports Scanning

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In August 2002, I decided to finally travel to Ivory Coast and discovers the capital city compare to New York as little Manhattan, I was about to end up just like a dead number. When traveling to an unknown country, we are between excitement and surprises. My trip to Abidjan in Ivory Coast almost gets me killed amid a bank robbery and a civil war. The night I arrived in Ivory Coast, I saw what my friends and classmates from that country used to tell me about the main city, it was very close to the stories about it. The city was very well build and organized better than most African towns. During the twenty minutes’ drive from the airport to the hotel, I was just thinking little Manhattan. Once at the hotel, my concerns were
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My only guilt was that I looked like the brain of the bank robbery and that night meanwhile we were sleeping, the robbers left the stolen car in front of the hotel it was just the beginning till the chief of the police command its troop that it was a mistake and I was the wrong guy.
As my vacation was getting more and more uncertain, the incident resides to the fact that many of us don’t like bad anniversary like September eleven. And for me since September 2002 was coming in a just one week, I postponed traveling to Cameroon for a week and as I could not imagine the worst was happening, the night of September the 119, 2002, a civil war started in Ivory Coast. I was trapped in a foreign country in a war that did not have anything to do with me. Where to go what to do? I did not have any way out. The next day, I went to hide myself to a friend’s house where more of our contacts had done the same. For three days we could not go out or have any food because of strait bullets. The situation became very dangerous after the General in power was assassinated by a rival

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