Portrayal Of African American Culture Essay

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The portrayal of African Americans in the film industry is pretty different from what they were in the past. Compared to our society, the portrayals of African Americans in the past were negative. Since one of Hollywood’s main goals as time progressed was to make films that are more relatable, the films had to follow the specific trend that was going on in that time. Many films followed the lifestyles of individuals living in antebellum South. The only roles available for African Americans in film were roles were slave roles. However as time progressed Hollywood cinema began to embrace African American culture by creating films with a black cast. Hollywood created a genre that supposedly portrayed the lifestlyes of the African American culture. The genre was called Blaxpoitation and it emerged into the film industry between the years of 1970s and the early 1980s. During this time, those groups and individuals who have been oppressed by the majority in the previous years, began to get more aggressive and demand for their equal rights. More specifically, in the 1960s, the African American society came together and really fought for their rights thus creating the Civil Rights Movement. The bill which prohibited discrimination was passed in 1965.
Blaxpoitation happened to be one of the many results that stemmed from the Civil Rights movement. The genre fully emerged into the film industry in the 1970s with SweetBack’s Baadasssss Song being one the first of many. The films…

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