Pornography : A Form Of Oppression Essay examples

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2.2 Pornography - A Form of Oppression to Women?

Academic literature on pornography (e.g. history of production and regulation of pornography) is extensive, and tends to focus on the male consumption of pornography. As afore-discussed, the evolution of the market of pornography couples with technological innovations could imply an increasing trend of men and women participating the production and/or consumption of pornography. However, many research on pornography such as Malamuth, Addison and Koss (2000) and Paolucci, Genuis and Violato (2015) have significantly demonstrated a positive correlation between consumption of pornography and harm to women. For examples, Paolucci, Genuis and Violato (2015)’s analysis on the impacts of pornography discovered that pornography consumption can lead to an increase in gendered sex myths, sexual offences and crimes and difficulties in intimate relationship. In particular, their findings indicated there are thirty-one percent of men have believed on rape myths like reproving victim (usually women) for the crime, twenty-two percent of men have offended sexual crimes and twenty percent of men have undergone difficulties in intimate relationships after consumption of pornography (Paolucci et al, 2015). Malamuth, Addison and Koss (2002)’s research on sexual aggression and pornography consumption found out that men who consume pornography are four times more likely of behaving in a sexually aggressive way than those who do not purchase…

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