Popular Culture is Not the Devil Essay

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Popular Culture Is Not The Devil

Many people can agree that popular culture is invasive, but the opinions differ on how invasive it actually is and whether it is harmful or beneficial. In David Denby’s Buried Alive: Our Children and the Avalanche of Crud, he clearly states his opinion of popular culture and how it has invaded his home and the attitude of his children. The main source of popular culture according to Denby is the media, which has become “three-dimensional, inescapable, omnivorous, and self-referring” and has taken away the idea that parents and teachers are the ones to nurture their children. The media hitherto is not always a good influence on children because of its vulgarity and addictiveness, which can cause
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Modern video games have improved their structure greatly by challenging players in a more complex way that stimulates the reward centers of the brain. Players are not appealed to the video games for their possibly sexual or violent content, but rather for the thrill of completing a difficult challenge. Even when players struggle during a game, they persevere because of the wanted feeling of satisfaction. Accordingly, video games help children to build determination and perseverance along with stimulating their brain to function in a more complex way.
On the other hand, children can expectedly pick up bad habits from the media because they are influenced mostly by what they surround themselves with. Children find popular culture intriguing because it either relates to their life or it completely strays from their daily routine. The media does indeed display vulgar content at times, but in many movies and shows, there is a positive ending. In the movie Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection, the daughter of the family holds a horrible attitude towards everyone in or out of her family. Throughout the movie, she

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