Essay Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment

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There is hardly any river or lake on the earth today that has not been polluted in one or several ways. Pollution has been an ever-increasing problem in freshwater. There are two broad categories of pollution: Point source and non-point source. Point Source is when there is only one place where the pollution is coming from. Non-Point Source is when there are multiple places where the pollution comes from. Within these two categories are many specific types of freshwater pollution. Types of freshwater pollution include organic matter, nutrients from agricultural lands, acidification, heavy metals from industries, and toxic organic compounds. Many freshwater sources have at least one of these or multiple types of pollution. It is up to us as human beings to reverse this pollution. With all of this pollution in our freshwater, we need to find a way to reverse all of the damage done. I will address some of the types of pollution and the proposed way to fix or prevent that particular pollution.
The freshwater biome is located in ponds, rivers, lakes, and streams. In this biome you can find fish, amphibians, insects, and some types of protists. You can also find some water plants and moss in the biome. Freshwater has less than 1% of salt which is less than 500 parts per million salinity. Around 2.75% of all water is freshwater. Of that 2.75%, 2.05% is locked in glaciers, 0.68% is ground water, and 0.011% is surface water in lakes and rivers. So of all the 70% of the earth that is…

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