Disadvantages Of Pollan's Recipe

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In two weeks, we compare pollan’s recipe and other recipes which we find in ASU farmer market Pinterest page. As far as I am concerned, a good recipe need to has cooking methods, component of ingredient and some tips for cooking. Pollan’s recipe divide four parts which is air, water, fire and earth. He think it is cooking basic elements. He uses four basic elements to cook. We can see the four basic element transform delicious food. In ASU farmer market Pinterest page, It contains too much information. It doesn’t divide in detail. Although it doesn’t divide in detail, it still has a lot of highlight. Two recipes are good recipes. In this paper, I will focus on compare two recipes similar and difference. In pollan’s recipe …show more content…
we can see steps in detail. The content is so rich that we can learn a lot of cooking techniques Pollan’s recipe is not only teach us how to cook, we can according his recipe to add something we like. We can get inspiration from his recipe. For example, he do not use some additive to make the pasta more delicious. And the ingredients is easy to get in our life. We can buy ingredients in target, safeway and so on. His recipe’s advantage is in detail and helpful for some people who enjoy cooking and have some experience. I consider that pollan maybe prefer cooking techniques. If you are good at cooking, I consider that his recipes will help you improve your cooking techniques better than before. But it is not suit for freshman. Because it waster time to prepare and cook. In his recipe, it is fulfill with the word and long. In my view, you may need some patience to read it. Personally, I don’t like to read recipe which is fulfill word. I think it is boring and so long. As a freshman, I know the recipe is good, but it looks difficult to make sense. However, the Chinese lo mein is easy to understand. She uses some picture to attract reader to read it. She doesn’t use a lot of words to describe her cooking progress. In order to emphasis some important points. She write construction at the end. It is very helpful for the freshman. She doesn’t divide ingredients and steps in detail. Because she’s method is very easy. It not waste too much time to do it. The ingredients is simple and cooking steps is simple too. For these reason,I claim that this recipe is so convenience for people to prepare. However, her recipe’s ingredient is not easy to get it. We should go to the Asia market to buy it. In some area where are not have asia market. This is her recipe shortage. In conclusion, It is a good recipe for people to grow interest in cooking. But it is easy and useless for some people who is good at

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