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Political Philosophy Revision Notes
Brief Definitions
Autonomy - A group or individual who has the ability to govern themselves, make decisions and act upon those decisions. Self-Government.
Democracy – A government ruled by the people, and consisting of ‘the people’.
Direct Democracy – Electors (the people) vote on every Government Issue.
Representative – Electors vote in a person to represent ‘the people’.
Ideology – A set of rules, morals and political views that governments base their ideals on. Usually includes a view of human nature.
Social Contract – The mutual agreement between the people and the government on issues that affect the country and the people within, such as rights and duties.
Theocracy – Government, which
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Government in which wealth and state owned property is distributed among the population. According to Marx, the Proletariat rises against the bourgeoisie and seizes the privately owned property.
Abolishment of the state. Individuals live together in harmony, usually in groups, and work for the survival and benefit of that group.

Types of Government

Literally means, “Rule by the People”
Criticised by Plato as “committing the conduct of state affairs to the whims of the multitude”. The people do not have the political experience to be able to make decisions that are best for everybody. Instead, people tend to vote for things that they want rather than what they need.

Two types of democracy –
Representative Democracy – Electors (aka, ‘the people’) vote a representative into government who will carry out the will of the people. This is the type of government that is seen in many western countries today. The person voted in will be expected to vote for issues that concern the multitude most, as he is the ‘figurehead’ of the people.
Sometimes the elected representatives do not always carry out the will of the people, but more so the will of the ruling majority.
The horse is taken to water and made to drink. In this context, it means that ‘the people’ can not nominate a representative for the vote. The people are only given a choice between several government nominated individuals, whether they reflect the true

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