Political Sociology : Power, State, Citizenship, And Political Participation

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Introduction to Political Sociology
Political sociology is a broad discipline and interrelated with several areas including sociology, political science, history and economics etc. It is basically the study of power and relationships between society, state, citizenships, political participation and their socio-political interactions. It has specifically focused on the questions about the nature of power, development of states, sources of political changes, idea of citizenship and notion of political participation. In this sense, the purpose of this paper is the analysis and explanation of certain aspects of the power, state, citizenship and political participation. Contemporary political sociology involves, but is not limited to, the study of these critical concepts and their interaction within the larger cultural context. They are fundamental components of the study of political sociology.
The Key Concept of Political Sociology: Power

Power is a central concept that located at the hearth of political sociology. It is also related to many theories and concepts of social sciences and has a key role in many disciplines. Philosopher Bertrand Russell brilliantly asserted that power is a fundamental concept in social sciences as energy’s essential role in physics or natural sciences. Like energy, power has many forms in different contexts and disciplines (Russell 2004:4). We also observe that the fields of political science, international relation, and sociology centrally…

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