Political Reasons For Independence In Thomas Paine's Common Sense

Originally published on January 10th 1776, Common Sense was a pamphlet written by author Thomas Pain encouraging independence from England to citizens of the American Colonies. Originally it was published anonymously as Thomas Pain feared that he might be prosecuted for speaking out against Great Britain. However, it instantly became a hit throughout the colonies being sold and distributed widely throughout the thirteen colonies. Americans read quotes allowed at public places such as bars and town squares to be heard as a cry to separate from Great Britain. Common Sense laid the groundwork, as it presented the reasons for independence in layman’s terms so that the average not well educated American at the time could understand the political reasons for independence. In this paper I will discus some of these points along with why Common Sense was so influential in American history. Thomas Paine starts Common Sense by differentiating between society and society. Pain states that society is everything productive and upright that citizens work together to accomplish. On the other hand, …show more content…
After a short period of time, these inhabitants of the island develop relations with each other, and making laws becomes necessary. Thomas Paine then says that the people will coexist much better if they are accountable for the formation of the laws that govern them. Paine also is indirectly saying that a system of representation is better for the American people. Then the author continues on to unveil a assault on the system of government in Great Britain. Paine articulates that the English system of government is too intricate and that the monarchy is permitted way too much authority. The British system of government professes to motion a sound system of checks and balances, but it doesn’t work like that in practice as the Monarchy has all the

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