Political Perspectives On Political Socialization Essay

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1) Political Socialization is the process of how people form their political beliefs and attitude. The three main influences of political socialization are family, peers, and the media. Family incubates political attitude and opinion Parents transfer political attitudes to their children through communication and receptivity (acceptance). Children seek parental approval and parents constantly communicate feeling and preferences. Children acquire part preferences by listening to their parents. Party loyalty is sometimes passed through generations in families. My parents and family had the most important influence during my political socialization, when I was a child I identified myself as a democrat simply because that was what my parents held strong democratic views.

Education is another source of political socialization .For instance, by high school students will have a better understanding of the political system and may support the views of a particular political party. Political attitudes will most likely be shaped by peers/peer groups that are directly involved in political activities or interest groups. For example a peer group would be an, African American Activist Group, Labor Unions, LGBT community. My peers and I have many relatives and friends know people and are tolerant of the LGBT community and as a result I identify with the democratic party because the support LGBT legislation.

Media provides extensive exposure to politicians and the government. Media…

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