Essay on Political Parties Of Modern Liberal Democracies

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Political parties are of eminent importance in guiding the activity of modern liberal democracies and they simultaneously act to support and to subvert the principles that envelop democracy. The organisation of the masses into cohesive entities where political power can be aggregated is one of the most important functions carried out by political parties as it feasibly allows the average member of the populace to participate in the democratic political process. Accountability of the ruling government is a key fixture of modern liberal democracies and political parties provide a basis through which a viable alternative government is legitimised through the formation of opposition parties and shadow ministries. The relationship between pressure groups and political parties has large ramifications on the formation of policy which sometimes is interpreted as a positive development for democracy as it enables an additional channel through which the people can exert influence or it can be viewed as negatively undermining the will of the electorate. Political parties significantly improve the productivity and efficiency of government through the enforcement of the party ‘whip’ yet there is concern that the values of individualism and autonomy that embody democracy are being poisoned by the unwillingness of parties to tolerate internal dissent.

Political parties perform a crucial role in organising the views of society in a coherent and meaningful manner which is critically…

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