Political Participation in Liberal Democracy Essay

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Political Participation in Liberal Democracy
People participate in politics to influence policy decision for beter life or beter future by voting, interest groups, labor unions, associations and party membership. There are 3 groups ;
Gladiators (Elites) : a small proportion of gladiators who fight the political battle. For instance, the activist campaigners.
Spectators: a large group og spectators who observe the contest but rarely participate beyond voting.
Apathetics: a substantial number of apathetics who are unengaged in formal politics.
Gladiators are well educated,rich, upper class, closer to politics.
Two factors seem to be particularly influential thats are political resources and political interest.
People in high-status
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Civil society provides opportunities for people to participate in collective activities that are neither pro-state or anti-state but simply non-state.
In Latin America; we see social problems such as poverty, inequality, drugs, crime and limited education. This leads to less pol. participation. Cynicism : lost of hope in the system,discouraging political part. Politicans tortured because of being against drugs cartel. So, strong goverment is needed.

Participation in Political Violence if issues ignored, the outcome can be political violence by citizens trying to change goverment policy or by one social group against other, or by the state against its own people. The events of 11 september, 2001 brought violence and political terror into focus. Clausewitz says that war is part of politics. Often violence is rational,calculated. Most political violence is tactical. Ex: car bomb in Lebanon against American and French military base. More than 80 soldiers died. Indian presedent was killed by a suicide bomber. We see many of them in Iraq, Palestine. At first it was thought to be irrational fanaticism, but they were actually politically motivated. Suicide missions are adopted as a last resort, drawing on a cultural tradition of martyrdom and an underlying sense of hopelessness, within the community as the indivudial

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