Political Climate of the 1970s Paper

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The 1970s for the United States of America was a time of recession, war and a world famous government scandal. The war in Vietnam left the people of the nation in disarray and turmoil. The government took a great deal of abuse from the people with the decisions made during the Vietnam War. President Nixon attempted different strategies than used before to end the Vietnam War with little success. The public’s image of the government was distorted when the Watergate Scandal was made public and Richard Nixon was the first president to resign in U.S. history. The 1970s was a challenging time for the people of the nation and the faith the country had in the government diminished. By the end of the Vietnam War the social outcome of the nation …show more content…
President Nixon was nominated and he vowed to end the war in Vietnam. The war in Vietnam showed the devotion of the government in attempting to end the war but also damaged the image of political involvement. Many believed, including several departments of the government, the military should have been pulled out of Vietnam sooner (Davidson, 2006). President Nixon’s policies of engagement were quite different from the strategies used in the cold war. While the Cold War strategies used threats of force with weapons of mass destruction, Nixon’s used “peace and honor” as a tool to resolve the crisis in Vietnam. Nixon used strategies like “Vietnamization” to slowly withdraw troops from Vietnam, so the Vietnamese would fight among themselves to invoke peace talks in Paris. The “Détente” strategy was also used in Nixon’s administration attempting to ease the tension between North and South Vietnam. Nixon’s version of “Détente” was different in many ways, but similar as the strategy used in the Cold War. The Cold War strategy used force to negotiate and keep the peace between the U.S. and the Soviet Union while Nixon’s “Détente” used the “peace and honor” strategy to negotiate peace talks with Vietnam. The similarity between the two strategies was when the “peace and honor” strategy did not work; Nixon demonstrated force as an attempt to end the war in Vietnam. When Nixon’s force did not work he fi nally went

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