Police Commissioner And The Broken Windows Theory Essay

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Although Rudy Giuliani, mayor of New York City in the 1990s, is most frequently credited with starting that city’s application of the broken windows theory, his predecessor, David Dinkin, truly began its use. He hired 8,000 new officers, as well as a new police commissioner, and began the move towards broken windows and community policing (Business Insider). Additionally, while it is true that New York’s crime rates have dropped in the past few decades, the reasons behind this are unclear. Broken windows methods have also raised issues of racial profiling, civil liberties, and, in the push for increased arrests and summonses for minor crimes, what truly constitutes a crime? There have been instances of arrests for actions that are not usually considered crimes. For example, in the spring of 2015, at least two Latino men were arrested when each took up more than a single seat on the subway. They were arrested on the grounds that they were inconveniencing other passengers. The judge ticketed them, however, she questioned if they were truly inconveniencing other passengers as they had been arrested at 12:11 am, a time when the subway is not usually crowded. (Huffington Post) Although the broken windows theory was being used at the time the crime rate in New York City dropped dramatically, it has raised numerous issues of racism, civil rights, and efficacy.

Broken Windows theory is, in essence, the concept that if police are tough on minor crimes, then the rate of serious…

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