Poem Analysis : Fern Hill Essay

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The poem, “Fern Hill”, by Dylan Thomas is about the speaker reminiscing his childhood as he realizes how much time has passed which has resulted in the loss of innocence and youth in the speaker. The first four stanzas of the poem describe the speaker’s childhood memories at the farm, Fern Hill, where he was carefree and did not have a single concern about the world. On the other hand, the last two stanzas of the poem describe the speaker’s attitude toward growing up and losing the innocence he once had as a child. The speaker ponders on how fast time has passed and how much he wants to be in his youth again since adulthood personifies the loss of time and the impending death. In his poem “Fern Hill”, Dylan Thomas uses imagery, symbolism, and tone to convey the following theme: because time does not stop for anyone and youth does not last forever, an individual should realize the value of time and youth before it is too late.
Firstly, Dylan Thomas uses imagery to convey the theme of time and youth in the poem. Imagery is when an image is created using figurative language to communicate the emotion and the theme of the speaker. In the poem, the imagery of the farm represents innocence and a place of paradise for the speaker. “Now as I was young and easy under the apple boughs/ About the lilting house and happy as the grass was green, / The night above the dingle starry, / Time let me hail and climb/ Golden in the heydays of his eyes…” (lines 1-5). These lines create the…

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