The Importance Of Gothic Elements In Edgar Allan Poe's Poetry

Gloomy, dreary, creepy, forbidding, dark, horror, and fear, are all words that describe gothic literature. Gothic literature is something that the writer Edgar Allan Poe has much knowledge about, for he has written many gothic short stories and poems. Such as the short stories like, “The Black Cat”, “Tell Tale Heart”, “The Pit and the Pendulum”, and “Masque of the Red Death”. Also displayed in his poems, “Alone”, “Annabel Lee”, “The Raven”, and somewhat of “The Bells”. To a great extent, Edgar Allan Poe’s writing is for the most part is gothic, as portrayed in most of his work.

What is gothic? It’s a type of style that represents darkness, fear, horror, though in different ways. Such as there are many types of gothic styles, like gothic
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One gothic poem that Poe wrote was “The Raven”, already by the name you can tell it’s gothic, since a raven is a gothic animal. This poem contained some gothic elements, like fear, which came from the narrator, which was described in the beginning. Also the fear of being alone, and everybody leaving the narrator, which could imply the fear on the reader’s. Furthermore, this poem contained a gothic setting of stormy weather outside, and the inside of the narrator’s home. Being it had a large door, the narrator was sitting by a fire in a large chair, in a library with bookshelves everywhere, and a bust of Pallas is fairly gothic, since it has sharp features. Another gothic poem Poe wrote is, “Alone”. Which is about the narrator feeling they don’t belong, they’re alone form where they stand, saying their interests and likings are different from others. Some gothic elements in this poem were that it contained some gothic settings and images, such as thunder, lightning, storm, and demons. Also this poem is giving intense emotion, of sadness and hopelessness, and the feeling of being detached. Besides those poems, there is Annabel Lee, which is gothic since it talks about the narrator's love dying. In addition, it displays very high emotion of love and the bond between the narrator and Annabel Lee, and displaying intense emotion is a gothic element. Which is mostly displayed in Poe’s work, with …show more content…
How ever, this poem was not gothic from beginning to end, though rather in the end. Since it started about a happy life and a happy wedding, and went to describe the bells you hear when there is a fire, to when one dies. This poem describes one’s life, from the childhood, to when they get married, to a problem they will, face, to death. This poem would be considered gothic, because it contains intense emotion, especially at the part when it’s describing a fire breaking out. In addition, death is known to be gothic, and this poem does describe death and a funeral. Also the setting of a funeral and a fire are just some gothic settings, because they both are fairly gloomy times. Besides the diction in this poem is quite gothic and gloomy, for instance, some words like, sobbing, throbbing, paean, melancholy, menace, groan, terror, horrified, scream, frantic, etc. Which all describe a terrible and gloomy moment. Proving that most of his work is gothic to a great extent, as described through different gothic elements in different works. Though of course not the entire poem is as such, just the second half. Though overall, most of Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry is gothic.

Edgar Allan Poe’s works consist of gothic elements, making it gothic to a great extent, as portrayed in his work. Such as the short stories like, “The Black Cat”, “Tell Tale Heart”, “The Pit and the Pendulum”, and “Masque of the Red Death”. Also presented in his poems,

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