Plato 's Theory Of Plato Essay example

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Socrates was a man who was after the truth and was known as an absolutist, and his main goal was finding Justice or the good. He had a student named Plato, who was inspired by Socrates. Based on Plato’s inspiration he started focusing on virtue. Plato thought of two theories, one being the Protagoras which are those who believe that if they believe it is good then it is indeed good, and the Republic who believe that virtue is knowledge and based on one’s soul. With this theory, Plato began saying that there were three structures of the soul, also known as a tripartite soul which includes appetite which is the greatest threat to a human soul because, it keeps wanting more, reason is one’s rational thoughts and spirit is well known as one’s emotions. Plato concluded that once a person has the tripartite soul then the soul is balanced, once it is balanced you have justice and then you will have a virtus soul. Plato also, like Socrates wanted to find out the truth and he had declared that your intellect related to your soul and claiming justice by, the better you understand something the closer you become. In order to understand an object or person one would have to look at the form first. If a horse’s name is Copper or a particular, and you hear about how Copper jumped over a hurdle and you wonder how this Copper could do such a thing. In order to understand you have to go to the form or a horse itself to understand. Once you understand the form and how it has the…

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