Plato 's Theory Of Knowledge Essay

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Even if an individual were to be fairly uneducated in philosophy, they would surely know the name “Plato”. Socrates was the mentor of Plato, and Plato mentored Aristotle. He is said to be born around 428 BC and to have died around 348 BC. Plato developed his own epistemology, which is defined as “the study of knowledge”. Plato’s epistemology consists of three questions, which are; “What is knowledge? How do we obtain knowledge? And what justifies a belief and makes it knowledge?” (np). Plato does believe that knowledge is possible, however he believes that knowledge is innate, meaning that individuals are born with it. Therefore knowledge is not necessarily obtained but “unlocked”. In Chapter 3 of Meno, Socrates argues against Meno that knowledge is innate and does not need to necessarily be “learned”. The two dispute this by calling over a young boy who according to Meno, has never been taught geometry. Socrates shows the boy a square made up of four equally smaller squares. Socrates asks the boy several questions based of the knowledge that the boy already has. However by asking the boy the questions, he is unlocking thought and new knowledge. On page 151, Socrates says;
“Do you observe, Meno, that I am not teaching the boy anything, but only asking him questions; and now he fancies that he knows how long a line is necessary in order to produce a figure of eight square feet; doe she not?” (Socrates, 151).
In the end Socrates proves to Meno that the boy had always had…

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