Plato 's ' The Apology Of The Last Days Of Socrates ' By Robert Rossellini

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Plato 's Socrates Trilogy was a play about the last days of Socrates. It consists of the three parts: Phaedo, The Apology, and Crito, in which they document each part of the trial, including his defense, the verdict of the jury, and the judgment of the court. The story that I wanted to focus my essay is Plato 's The Apology. The overall theme I saw throughout the play but emphasized in The Apology was wisdom. The scenes that focus on wisdom revolves around Socrates and his defense claims as to what makes him the wisest man of all. However, representations of this theme vary according to how one presents it. The theme of wisdom is also present in the novel 's visual depiction: Socrates by Robert Rossellini, which somewhat alters how I believed Socrates to be wise. The Apology is set during Socrates 's trial where he is accused of the crimes he 's committed. In contrast to the title, he is defending himself opposed to being apologetic for being accused of three crimes against Athens. He begins his defense on the first accusation that he does not believe in Gods. He quickly puts these arguments to rest by explaining that the accusation does not make sense because they talk about him being an atheist, but believing in the afterlife and demons. They move on to accuse him of being a sophist and say that he is corrupting the youth. He then goes on to interrogate Meletus with who are good influences to the young and that he does so involuntarily. Therefore the youth aren 't…

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