Plato 's Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay

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Some may say it is never morally acceptable to break the law. Plato supported this claim in Crito through Socrates, the main character with the option of escaping from prison. He was imprisoned and sentenced by the Athenian court to death for corrupting the youth. His friend Crito challenges Socrates with various arguments as to why he should break the law by escaping from prison.
Opposed, some say it is morally acceptable to break the law. Martin Luther King would support this position. King would say yes, at times it is morally justifiable to break the law. In his Letter from Birmingham Jail he defends this position and outlines the specific case when is it morally permissible to break the law which is when a law is unjust. He will also outline how you must break the law which.
John Rawls supports King’s position through his work on social justice. Rawls supports the position by looking at society and seeing if it is just. He also creates principles outlining rights every individual should have. We can use his work directly in relations to King and his position of breaking unjust laws. Rawls outlines who would be classified as treated unjustly and King applies this to African Americans that were treated unjustly and explains how to deal with it which is to break a law.
I support the position of having morally justifiable cases in which it is morally acceptable to break the law. Along with King I believe there are certain circumstances in which is it justifiable. I…

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