Plato 's Influence On The Intellectual Field Of Philosophy Essay

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Plato, the pupil of the famous contributor to philosophical thought, Socrates, has forever changed the intellectual field of philosophy by his pursuits, teachings and writings (Aspell 407). His life, influences, contributions, achievements are of worthy note and will be explored in this biography. Before we get into his role as a philosopher we must first understand the context behind such a great thinker. Plato was born in Athens in the year 428 B.C. (Sproul loc. 412). Named Aristocles after his grandfather, but was later given the name Plato because of his physique (Aspell 407). Plato’s father was a descendent of the early kings of Athens making him a member of the Athenian aristocracy (Sproul loc. 418). This key background helped lead him to eventually meet and study under Socrates during his twenties (Sproul loc. 412). This continued until the unfortunate death of his mentor, when Plato left Athens to travel (Sproul loc. 412). This is when he encounters the Pythagoreans who greatly influenced his future in philosophy (Sproul loc. 412).
After much travel, Plato returned to Athens and founded his famous school, the Academy (Aspell 407). At the Academy Plato promoted philosophy and science. He also made attempts to vicariously change the political atmosphere of Athens and other locations such as Siciliy and Syracuse (Aspell 407). Plato eventually met his demise at the age of eighty years old in the year 347 BCE (Sproul loc. 412). Now we need to know the influences that…

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