Essay on Plato And Aristotle 's Philosophy On Honor And Virtue

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The ancient Greeks, were a society based on honor and virtue. Great philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle still have a huge significance today in society. They argued that the best life for humans beings is a life devoted to “virtue”, but just how much of that is true and how is that reflected today in our society? Plato, student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle thought that what is morally good is whatever promotes “virtue” which is a certain health, beauty and good condition in the soul. He believed in complete harmony of the soul, and only then would a person be completely virtuous. He defined harmony as “every part performing its own function” desire taking care of basic needs, but nothing more, emotion being rationally controlled resulting in a courageous person who controls desire. He believed that this would lead a person to happiness, which makes a person just. According to him we must live our lives learning to understand the eternal truths, he believes there are four levels of knowledge. Conjecture, Belief , Understanding and, Pure Reason. At the beginning of a human 's life they are blind, but as they grow they pass through these levels of knowledge , they attain happiness according to Plato. He also believed that the ruler must be a wise person who has adequately experienced all forms of life and is able to judge better. To him democracy is the second worst government, while his favorite is aristocracy because it leads to strong army and a lack of personal…

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