Plastic Surgery : Physical Features Of A Child Essay

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Plastic surgery to alter physical features of a child
It is often say that having a child changes everything, but having a child with a birth defect brings even greater challenge. There is a lot of controversy between those who think that surgery can improve the physical functioning, social appearance, and acceptance to those individuals with some type of handicap and those who don’t. However, “parents should consider Plastic surgery to correct defects of the face, skull, and neck which is reconstructive in nature, not cosmetic, as some insurance companies assert," said Steven Buchman, MD, ASPS Member Surgeon and author of the report. In today’s society things have changed, and an individual with a different appearance that seem unattractive to someone else might be rejected or even bullied. Today, many kids are able to live a normal life due to surgeries that help them physically and emotionally. Kids with Down syndrome for example are able to read, write and have a functional normal level thanks to cardiac surgeries. Plastic surgery to restore facial defects help improve mentally disabled children a better way of life. Even though some insurance may consider some operations for cosmetic purposes only, they still refuse to cover them. ”children with severe mental impairments undoubtedly benefit from plastic surgery and ultimately gain the functional tools that will help them lead a fuller life” said Steven Buchman. According to this report, a children’s physical appearance…

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