Planet Earth Essay

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Research on Planet Earth
Planet Earth has often been known to us Masonians as a place of gradual change and increased learning. Humans started out living very frugally depended much on the land around them. However as centuries passed, they adapted their lifestyles to fit their growing demands and were able to develop new technologies to increased their efficiency. After traveling through different time periods to observe their family life, I am now able to have a deeper meaning on how humans came to be so emotional, hardworking, sophisticated, and well-educated beings.
Hunter Gatherer Families
Humans on Planet Earth lived very simple and rustic lifestyles prior to 10,000 BC during a time when they were referred to as “Hunters
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Affection was a big part of Puritan marriages and would help define whether a marriage would truly work since it wasn’t being forced. The desire for true love was followed by the men desiring wives bringing a significant dowry and women desiring men who had inherited a significant amount of land for their future family to grow on. Puritans placed a great emphasis on growing their own crops, unlike the previous Roman Civilization, and therefore children went back to being seen as an asset for work while still continuing their religious paths. Since the Church was the most important institution in Puritan society, they greatly believed in “predestination” and therefore saw unruly children in the community as destined for hell and would keep their well-behaved children in line by threatening to “smack the sin out of …show more content…
The biggest theme I could see being supported amongst these humans was gender equality. Women and men were beginning to make decisions together and the wives opinions actually mattered for once. Women were in charge of making all decisions pertaining to childbearing, cooking, cleaning, educating and disciplining children, and ensuring their home remained a sanctuary while their husbands were away at their 12-hour work days. The increased roles held by women led to the creation of the attributes of True Womanhood, “by which a woman judged herself and was judged by her husband, her neighbors and society” (Welter 152). Men, as seen in the past centuries, continued to remain the primary breadwinner since they worked such long hours each day in manufacturing cities in what was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Since men spent so much time away from their families during the day, their authority diminished slightly within the household and women were most submissive during these hours. However, men regained their submissiveness as soon as they returned home and they listened to their wives in seek of

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