Jacob Lindgreen Case

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4. Main problems and recommendations
After analysing the stages of new product development, it can be easily identified that certain actions and processes would be beneficial for the product development of Physiowall. We can identify some problems Physiowall encountered in the early stages that have had a long-lasting effect on the entire process and could have been prevented by following the stages.
4.1. The early stages
In the screening phase, Jacob Lindgreen has managed to meet most of Kahn’s (2012) criteria for successful new product development, although the quality criteria cannot be fully identified. This should have been identified in the beginning and taken into consideration during the other stages and tested effectively during the process.
The concept test Jacob conducted for Physiowall could have been more fitting as a product testing, later on in the process. More appropriate would have been to focus more on the concept itself, rather than the product. In theory, setting the wall up in
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Despite this fact, these theories can be combined, adjusted and made relevant for small start-ups such as Physiowall. Seeing that new product development is a complicated process and that many of them fail, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration during the early stages of the process.
By going through the needed processes for successful new product development and comparing them to the processes of Physiowall I have identified some mistakes done in the early stages. These mistakes go on to influence the rest of the process, creating more problems. The main issues lie in the accuracy of the screening and concept testing. These mistakes go on to effect the quality of the business analysis and then continue to create issues throughout the

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