Physicians Role In Interrogation Essay

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In the wake of terrorist activity around the world and threats of violence at home, the interrogation of prisoners has become a controversial issue in both international and domestic politics. In interrogation procedures, interrogators have enlisted physicians to caring for prisoners and to assist extracting information. Yet, defining the role of physicians in these interrogations is controversial. In the interrogation process, physicians are confronted with competing loyalties of patriotism and ethical medical behavior. Despite this conflict, physicians’ higher duties are to the Hippocratic oath and their pledge to do no harm. Although some may argue that physicians’ role in the interrogation processes should be expanded to allow onsite involvement to facilitate whistleblowing and oversight; the physician’s duties during the interrogation process should remain focused on the needs of their patients, and physicians should be limited to serving off-site and outside of the interrogation itself. In this role, physicians can perform their primary duties while still preserving the physician-patient relationship. Additionally, while remaining off-site, physicians can provide oversight before, during, and after interrogation proceedings, advise interrogators, and remain focused on the care and needs of prisoners.
The primary role of physicians is to
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Studies and reports of physician involvement in interrogation proceedings at Guantanamo and other interrogation facilities have shown that physician involvement has often resulted in physicians overstepping their boundaries and violating their duties. Although many of these reports remain classified, physicians have violated their duties by causing or allowing both physical and psychological

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