Physical Chemistry Assignment: Combustible Energy

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Year 10 Physical Chemistry Assignment
By Marcus Rivera

Combustible Energy

a)Combustible energy is energy which relies on fuel to make energy. Combustible energy ignites to produce heat which creates energy, this is our main current state of energy which we use day to day. Some advantages to combustible energy is that if you use it as energy it’s very powerful, it’s very easy to combust and it is an abundant energy source. Some disadvantages of combustible energy is that it can be expensive, it is harmful to the environment (harmful byproducts can be created), it can affect human health as it can cause diseases in humans if intoxicated and it is not it is not an everlasting source(It is estimated it will run out 40-50
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The most common material used is Uranium as it is a clean and effective way to boil water to make steam which drives turbine generators. Nuclear energy has its pros and cons, it is very risky to have these plants built in populated areas as there have been many accident of disasters involving nuclear energy. The pros of using this type of energy source is that it doesn 't pollute that much when creating energy as it releases hot steam. Some disadvantages of nuclear energy is that accidents can happen and there could be nuclear disasters, the radioactive waste released from the atom when it’s completed the process of fission and nuclear energy can be used to create powerful weapons and in the wrong hands it could end very badly. Nuclear energy is used in society to give power to 10.9 percent of the worlds energy …show more content…
phones and laptops can be powered by solar energy and solar energy will last for a long time until the sun explodes which is in 5-6 billion years away compared to oil which is estimated to run out in 40-50 years. Some disadvantages is that solar energy can be received only when the sun is out and sunny (no clouds blocking the sun raise), Solar panels can be quite expensive and it is not effective and recommended to be used in certain countries due to unreliable weather

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