Physical Causes And Physical Effects Of Eating Disorders

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Physical effects of eating disorders
Eating disorders are one of those disorders that often are over looked. In addition, as eating disorders became more prevalent, some preconceived notions about eating disorders began accuring that eating disorders there are having food problems. While that is true, an eating disorder is more of a brain disorder ( There are many different types of eating disorders. They have different effects for different people. Eating disorders affect tens of millions of people, but the majority of those people, about eighty five to ninety percent, are women. Though there are different effects of eating disorders, I will be elaborating on three most common of the many physical effects: bulimia nervosa
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Binge eating disorder or as also referred to as BED, the most common out of the three eating disorders. It occurs more commonly in women, but is still prevalent in men as well. In addition, it can lead to death like the other two disorders. Study shows up to forty o f people seeking weight lose option will experience some form of Binge Eating Disorder or compulsive eating. Anyone is at risk for developing binge eating disorder. Like the other disorder, the person will feel depressed of guilty for eating all of the food that they just ate. There have patterns found in patients that binge eat, that they are drawn to more sugary and fatty food, and foods with low nutritional value. Since they are eating food of low nutritional value, they never feel full. Therefore, they person’s body is telling them to eat more and more. As the person eats, they begin to gain weight and become overweight. However, they remain under nourished. Some common behaviors people with Binge Eating Disorder experience are they are unable to control the food intake amount, they have binge eating episodes frequently, and during an eating episode, they will eat more food after a specific amount of time. The person with the Binge Eating Disorder may also experience fast eating, eating until you feel uncomfortable eating in private, etc. People who are overweight and suffer from Binge Eating Disorder are more at risk than people who are not overweight to develop other health complication like as listed high blood pressure, type II diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, gallbladder disease, high levels of serum cholesterol and particular types of cancer. Similar to any other eating disorders, Binge Eating Disorder can be treated. Most forms of treatment for Binge Eating Disorder consist of therapy, like cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, and psychotherapy ( Just as I stated

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