Physical Effects Of Eating Disorders Essay

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Physical effects of eating disorders
Eating disorders are one of those disorders that often are over looked. In addition, as eating disorders became more prevalent, some preconceived notions about eating disorders began accuring that eating disorders there are having food problems. While that is true, an eating disorder is more of a brain disorder ( There are many different types of eating disorders. They have different effects for different people. Eating disorders affect tens of millions of people, but the majority of those people, about eighty five to ninety percent, are women. Though there are different effects of eating disorders, I will be elaborating on three most common of the many physical effects: bulimia nervosa (BN),
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In addition, I will also be explaining the different treatment options a person with an eating disorder as for his or her eating disorder. As well as how those different treatment options work to resolve or better the eating disorder.
The first eating disorder I will be elaborating on is bulimia nervosa or bulimia is eating disorders that can be described as causing one to binge eat, and then followed by purging, or intentionally getting rid of the food you just ate. This disorder also may make the person have an excessive need to exercise, take pills, or any other method to get rid of that unwanted food in their system. Although anorexia is better known than bulimia, study shows that bulimia effects more people than anorexia. The uncontrollable eating usually happens when the person is trying to limit what they eat. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Medical Disorders say that the binge usually happens in secret. However, the eater has feeling of guilt and regret for eating all of the food they just ate. In addition, they say the purging gives them a sense of happiness and comfort. There are many signs that show someone might suffer.

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