Physical And Mental Impairment In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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“[Lennie] said gently, “George.. I ain’t got mine. I musta lost it.” He looked down at the ground in despair. “You never had none, you crazy bastard. I got both of ‘em here. Think
I’d let you carry your own work card?” Lennie grinned with relief. (Steinbeck 22-24). The story
Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, takes place in California. This story is about two men,
George and Lennie, who search to find a place to work on account of Lennie being accused of rape in the town called Weed. Lennie is harmless, he does not denote to engage in anything disruptive, he is just a little slow and George has to parent him throughout the story, thus he does not become in trouble. Several of the characters in Of Mice and Men display physical and mental
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George’s impairment is Lennie, he is always in trouble and George would need to watch him all the time such as he is a little boy. George is basically Lennie’s parent. George and Lennie were ran out of the town Weed due to Lennie was accused of rape, he loves to feel soft items and a lady had on a velvet dress and he decided to touch it. Lennie, not knowing, would not let it be and he panicked and didn 't know what to go about therefore he just froze. The lady was surprised and accused him of trying to rape her, thus George has to watch Lennie. An example of when Lennie is annoying George can be found in Chapter 3 when Lennie came back with a dead mouse in his pocket instead of leaving to retrieve firewood. George constantly has to care for Lennie, and he punished Lennie since he cannot control himself. A final instance when …show more content…
The characters in Of Mice and Men have a physical or mental impairment. The characters that had physical or mental impairments were: George, Lennie, Curley’s wife, and Candy.
Curley’s wife experienced loneliness; her actions in addition, her way of life were altered. It has been proven that humans need companionship, or they will eventually become crazy. George taking care of Lennie all the time does not always succeed in what he always dreamed of doing.
It would have been much easier for George to receive a job without Lennie around, however that was one of his impairments was Lennie. Lennie had a mental disability that he could not control that made him slower than the majority of people, it wasn 't his fault that he did the disruptive actions he did. Candy has a disadvantage losing his hand working on the ranch. “Candy said miserably, “You seen what they done to my dog tonight? They says he wasn 't no good to himself nor nobody else. When they can me here I wisht somebody’d shoot me. But they won 't do nothing like that. I won 't have no place to go, an’ I can 't get no more jobs.”(Steinbeck

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