Phl/458 Week 2 Essay

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Week 2: Solve a Problem Exercise
May 8, 2013
University of Phoenix

Challenges sometimes present themselves in ways that require no in depth thought to determine they are present. Often times they will materialize in the shape of an obvious issue or problem. Challenges are not always presented in this way; they may offer a chance to improve a current situation. Thinking creatively is planning for the best and preparing for the worst; to constantly seek out new solutions.
Determine the optimum method for stating the problem. You should state every solution from every angle to eliminate the complex from the simpler. Choosing the right solution is the most complicated part of this course, and you may find it more beneficial
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“Better yet, with a process like the Creative Problem Solving Process, you can harness and leverage the collective brain power of multiple people in a coordinated way Meier (2011).”
My Personal Challenge:
The First Stage: Searching for Challenges:
When I was active duty in the United States Navy, it seemed everyday presented a challenge in determining a problem and finding a resolution quickly. One particular personal challenge that I endured was a database server failure on a remote site with no network connectivity and no way of extracting aircraft data to provide commanders with real time mission status. This data needed to be extracted for the server or an entire rewrite of the entire aircraft maintenance history would need to happen. Without being onsite with the server, I was bound to rely on technicians with little computer experience to explain in detail the events that led to the database server crash.
The Second Stage: Expressing the Problem or Issue
Expressing the problem was more difficult than I had imagined, and I knew that nothing ever goes as planned in military planning. My initial thought was to have the server shipped back state side. But that would take days or even a week and flexibility in time was not a luxury that I possessed. The core problem was the extraction of data and secondly returning the database server to full mission

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