Essay about Philosophy : What Is Philosophy?

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Atharva Karnik
PHL 201-(11)

What Is Philosophy? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines philosophy as: the study of truth, nature, and meaning of life, a particular set of ideas about the aforementioned, and a set of ideas how to do something or live one’s life. So what is philosophy really? What’s the point of philosophy? Philosophy is something that allows people to analyze life in a non scientific manner and determine constraints and conditions for life, truth, and nature. It helps make sense of the things we do or what we believe, as well as helping us learn why we believe or do what we choose to do. Philosophy has many functions, and they’re all helpful and give people purpose or reason. When anyone thinks about philosophy, they probably think about Aristotle and Socrates sitting among other ancient men staring at the sky and asking, “What is the meaning of all of this around us?” In a way, they aren’t wrong. Philosophy allows us to question life and nature and get an answer for why we choose to do things. One key thing it gives us a basis for is morality and ethics. Although philosophy doesn’t by itself give us those definitions, philosophical thinking certainly does. For example, there’s the issue of deontology versus teleology. In a deontological philosophy, all acts that are inherently wrong are immoral, regardless of the outcome. If one needs to kill a person to save thousands of other lives, that is still immoral and unethical. However, a utilitarian view under…

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